Great Plains Max-Chisel Primary Tillage ToolGreat Plains

Max-Chisel Primary Tillage Tool

  • Walking tandem axles
  • Mainenance free bearings
  • Individual disc mounts
  • Available in both rigid and folding frames
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SS1 Great Plains Sub SoilerGreat Plains

Sub Soiler

  • Tillage width ranging from 3.81m to 5.33m
  • 3 models to choose from
  • Extendable main frame
  • Adjustable gauge wheel with jack
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SS Great Plains Sub Soiler Narrow SeriesGreat Plains

Sub Soiler Narrow Series

  • Narrow Transport Subsoiler
  • 3.0m transport width
  • Tillage width 2.25m to 3.4m
  • 4 sizes to choose from
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Great Plains Turbo Max FoldingGreat Plains

Turbo Max - Folding

  • 6 sizes available ranging from 6m to 14.6m tillage width
  • High tensile tubing
  • Folding frame type
  • Maintenance free bearings
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Great Plains Turbo Max Rigid FrameGreat Plains

Turbo Max - Rigid Frame

  • Sizes range from 2.62m to 4.72m tillage width (4 sizes available)
  • Rigid frame
  • Hydraulic weight trasnfer as standard
  • True vertical tillage machine
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