We rely on agricultural equipment and farm machinery to cultivate and harvest crops. Without it, our global food ecosystem just wouldn’t be able to put food on the table. 

But what kinds of agricultural machinery are there? And which tools are used for what?

Here’s your ultimate guide to agriculture tractor equipment, what their uses are, and the benefits and disadvantages. 

What is agricultural equipment?

Agricultural equipment is machinery and tools used to farm the land. Historically, and in ancient times, agricultural tools included items like trolls, hoes, and rakes to cultivate crops on small-scale farms. Over time, these tools have been mechanized and now form the backbone of large-scale farming operations all over the world. 

Here in Australia, with a wide variety of crops, agricultural equipment like our range here at Boya Equip is used across multiple different farming industries to fulfil a range of different tasks. 

Different types of agricultural equipment 

In carrying out agricultural work, a range of different equipment is necessary to get the job done right. Here’s an overview of our range of quality, farm-ready Kubota equipment:


Tractors are the fundamental tools of any farming operation. They’re the workhorses that pull the attachments that cultivate and farm the land. From compact tractors to larger, more powerful tractors, they're used for endless tasks including crop production, construction, and farm maintenance.

Here are Kubota’s best and brightest M series tractors on offer here at Boya equip:

This 4 cylinders turbocharged 4WD engine is engineered to increase productivity on small and medium farms with specialist crops, vineyards, and orchards. With a 2 or 3 point hitch, this tractor has a 3,200kg lifting capacity and with excellent hydraulics is an ideal addition to your farm.

With 110 horsepower, this larger cabined tractor is designed for ultimate on-the-job efficiency and comfort. With a powerful and intelligent transmission and a lift capacity of over 4,280kg, the MX110GX is equipped to take on bigger jobs with less time and effort. 

At the top end of the MX series lies the formidable M135GX, boasting 135 horsepower and a lift capacity of 5,200kg. This tractor is designed for all farm sizes and is capable of all heavy-duty plowing, cultivating, and harvesting jobs. 


Cultivators are designed to till and prepare the soil for planting. Essentially they stir up the topsoil, get rid of unwanted weeds and disturb the surface of the ground - ready to plant the next crop. 

Kubota’s CU3000 Series is designed to cultivate all soil types, no matter how dry, tough or extensive. With 3-4metres width and 5 to 30cm depth, the CU3000 Series is equipped for 90 to 230hp tractors. 

Extremely versatile and soil friendly, the CU3000 is Kubota’s answer to the industry’s demand for enhanced power and increased capability when it comes to making soil seed-ready. 

Power Harrows are a type of cultivator that disturbs and prepares the entire soil bed beneath. They play a crucial role in preparing a field for a seedbed and maintaining the surface structure as the machine moves over the ground. Kubota’s Power Harrow series features three main models that can attach to a variety of larger tractors and are designed to work in the toughest of soil conditions. 

Drills and Seeders

For farmers, seeding is arguably the most important step in the entire process. A well-planted seed will have the best chance of growing to full capacity. 

And when it comes time to drill and seed, having farm machinery you know is going to be thorough, accurate, and efficient is not only going to give you a huge advantage when it comes to spraying and harvesting. 

Boya Equipment's premium product range consists of the Great Plains compact and mechanical drills that are fit for the job. Check out our wide range here.

Chippers and Mulchers 

Both chippers and mulchers make up an important part of agricultural applications, and here at Boya Equip, Hansa’s versatile range is equipped to deal with light brushwood to heavier branches. From 30mm to 250mm diameter chipping capacity, there’s a power level to suit different needs, in different environments. 


Ride-on mowers fulfill a variety of tasks across a broad range of agricultural settings, from small farm maintenance, mowing, haymaking, hauling seed, grain, or other farm materials, Kubota’s ZD range of Zero Turn mowers are equipped to do more than just mow. Equipped with modern fuel-saving technology, and aerodynamic cutters, and clean-cut blades, the ZD range offers farmers a neat package of efficient, dependable, cutting ability. 


With the variety of agricultural activities across Western Australia from the Wheatbelt to the Great Southern's wineries and fruit orchards, easy transportation around large tracts of property is a must.

RTV’s (Rugged Terrain Vehicles) are essential in mobilizing quick jobs to tackle issues anywhere, anytime. From transporting farm equipment, supplies, and tractor implements to remote and inaccessible locations on a farm, RTVs are a hassle-free solution for your farming needs.


Keeping crops free from fungicides, insects and other harmful animals is an important part of the agricultural industry’s resilience. Without the right equipment to effectively spray and distribute fertilizer, herbicides, and weedicides, yields would be lower, less abundant, and bordering on non-existent. 

Check out our full range of quality Silvan spraying equipment here.

Invest in your agricultural business today

There’s never been a better time to invest in your own farming equipment, increase your farm’s independence and operating capacity. 

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