Kubota branded attachments offer the same reliability and quality you’ve come to expect from this manufacturer.

A Skid Steer or Compact Track Loader is nothing without its attachments, luckily Kubota now offers a vast array of branded attachments to increase your machine's versatility thus making your business more diverse and giving you access to a greater number of potential jobs.

Here is a sample of the great range now available through WA’s only Super Dealer: Boya Equipment

Kubota SA35 Skid Auger Drive [Post Hole Digger]

Requiring 57 - 114 l/m auxiliary flow with 230mm to 915mm Auger bits available driven by a Planetary gearbox. The SA35 meets the industrial-duty applications of landscapers, construction companies, fencing contractors, nurseries and farmers.

Kubota DZ30 6-Way Dozer Blade:

2134mm or 2439mm widths available with Mouldboard with boxed bracing. A reversible cutting edge featuring a 3-piece design. Bolstered by welded cylinders and a full-length wear bar. Preparing rough grade, moving material around the job site, pushing silage or manure, cutting or clearing ditches. This Kubota dozer blade is built tough and won't let you down. Available for Kubota SSV65, SSV75, SVL65, SVL75 and SVL95-2

Kubota SC40 Slashers:

Available in 1524mm and 1829mm widths, with 2 available motor options being 57 - 95 l/m or the 98 -163 l/m A 102mm diameter cut capacity and 6.5mm deck thickness this resilient Slasher also features tapered full-length skid shoes, Inline bearing, and a Pressure gauge. This unit is suitable for forestry applications. 

G25 Series Skid Grader:

Dual height grader blades allow the grader to be adjusted to the desired amount of cultivation, levelling, and grading action. With Full length, heavy-duty skid shoes that are reversible and replaceable. Another great feature of this attachment is that after loading the SG25 onto a trailer, a bucket can be mounted on top using the storage lugs, to save space. A great tool for Landscapers, contractors, homeowners and developers. You could also fit rippers to break compacted earth for a better finish - only available through Kubota Dealers.

Kubota TR Trencher:

Available in either 1219mm or 1524mm with flow rate options 57 – 91 l/m and 95 – 151 l/m motor options. The auger is adjustable with either manual or hydraulic side shifts. You can choose between 152mm or 254mm chain options both featuring a patented depth gauge. This absolute weapon forms a great alternative for an excavator, especially when only a narrow trench is required. This could be a valuable addition to hire companies, civil works, construction, drainage, concrete works, plumbing and electrical contractors as well as on the farm.

Kubota Angle Broom

Kubota angle brooms are available in 1829mm and 2134 mm widths with a hydraulic range of 45 - 114 l/m and a Brush speed: 100-230 rpm on a brush diameter of 813mm. This tidy attachment features a replaceable hex drive system with Poly/wire or combination bristles. With the option of a dust suppression system with a 95-litre tank, it’s the ideal solution for construction site clean-up and road maintenance. Popular with shires and government departments.

Kubota SR 27 Power Rake:

Gives you 2 options to choose from 1829mm (45 - 72 l/m) or 2286mm (57 – 87 l/m) You also have the following options of either Rigid or Float as well as Manual or Hydraulic. This unit has a Cast Chain Housing and Larger U-Bolts on the gauge wheel. It would see good use with landscapers, nurseries, rental yards and earthmoving contractors. You can also prep and level ground for seeding, mulching, removing debris and rejuvenating driveways and gravel lots.

This is just the tip of the iceberg as Land Pride, now part of Kubota is set to bring to you a growing line of top-quality attachments for your Skid Steer, Compact Track Loaders and Excavators. Think Kubota. Know Boya Equipment.