Investing in the best machine for landscaping is always a thought-out decision for any landscaping business. And deciding which landscaping equipment to use requires a better understanding of the kinds of landscaping jobs.

These jobs can be small residential jobs or large projects involving heavy equipment. The 10 types of equipment mentioned below will help you decide on the best machines for landscaping depending on your project size, the machine's usage, and the advantages of each.

Smaller projects involve the use of agricultural equipment like:


For both commercial & residential lawn mowing, this compact equipment is designed to lower workloads & increase productivity.


  • High performance and exceptional reliability
  • Outstanding fuel economy, low maintenance, Superior comfort
  • Exceptional power for the most demanding jobs
  • Suits every application & operator - ‘Zero turns’ to ‘Ride on’ to out front and walk-behinds
  • Tackles hilly ground and tough mowing jobs with ease
  • Available as self-propelled mowers
  • Lowers workloads & Increases productivity
  • For both commercial & residential usage


The acronym stands for “Rough Terrain Vehicle". Its 5 different series, are suitable for different needs like carrying heavy loads of supplies, fieldwork, animal care, lawn care, and more.


  • Great performance, durability & reliability
  • Dependable and high-performance Diesel & Petrol engines
  • The latest Kubota technology ensures both driver and passenger safety
  • Includes Kubota smart features such as ergonomic seating and controls
  • It has extra storage space
  • Plenty of legroom for extra comfort for long workdays on the job site


From commercial landscaping and small farm operations to maintaining your property, the Kubota tractor is easy to operate yet incredibly strong. They are available in different kinds - front-end loaders, mid-mount mowers, and backhoe loaders.


  • Versatile, reliable & outstanding performance
  • Easy to attach & detach attachments, intuitive operation, superior comfort & straightforward systems
  • Tractor implements like (rotary cutters, mulchers, post hole diggers, quick hitches, plough & disc harrows, seeders & drills, rear blades, box & grading scrapers, rotary tillers, and tillage equipment) let you switch between tasks like a professional
  • Best suits commercial landscaping and small farm operations to maintaining your property
  • Backhoe loaders, front-end loaders & a vast array of attachments suit all applications
  • Some models have a huge variety of customizable options

Chippers and mulchers

Best choice for reducing the manual labour of chipping logs of wood. This compact equipment turns wood into small, refined wooden chips which can easily be turned into mulch for different landscape jobs.


  • Simple and reliable
  • Available in a wide range -  from push-button electric start to all the way working at difficult sites, over rough terrain, narrow access, or soft ground conditions these machines take up the challenge!

McCormack brooms

It is the only right equipment for landscape jobs involving sweeping cement pads or roads.


  • Floating frame design to allow broom to follow the contour of the ground surface
  • Simple and fast broom replacement
  • Adjustable depth wheel

Spraying equipment

It involves a wide variety of sprayers suitable for water, insecticides, and pesticides in fields. It is also installed with a wide range of features you would need for all your agricultural purposes.


  • Speed and efficiency
  • Convenient to use
  • More productive
  • Minimal manual labour required


With a range of small-size spreaders, ideal for hard-to-reach terrain all together to suit a medium segment of farms.


  • Spreading width from 1 – 15 meters all the way to 12 - 54 meters is possible with an array of spraying equipment.
  • Capable of spreading a wide variety of products including fertiliser and seed

Larger projects involve the use of construction equipment like: 


A wide variety of loaders involves articulated loaders, compact track loaders, and skid steer loaders. These are suitable for moving or loading construction materials into or onto another type of machineries such as a dump truck, conveyor belt, feed-hopper, or railroad car.


  • Articulation loaders are perfect for in indoor applications, narrow spaces, and sensitive terrain due to their greater maneuverability and control
  • Compact track loaders are the best machine for landscaping low-ground pressure areas like soft, wet, sandy, or muddy conditions. It has residential and commercial utilities in addition to operating on established surfaces, clearing vegetation, or levelling and grading
  • Skid steer loader is the best choice if you are looking for a Kubota Shockless Ride (KSR) with an air-conditioned cab along with a Kubota engine and two-speed travel and a range of right attachments, it suits all your needs


They are the best landscaping equipment for digging, heavy lifting, and demolition. Compact excavators are typically used for small to medium-sized landscaping projects like digging holes, foundations & ponds, creating utility trenches & drainage ditches. Excavators for sale are the best place to look up affordable excavators for your landscaping business.


  • Available mainly in two types Mini Excavators & Hydraulic Breakers (Hammers)
  • Offering unrivalled 360-degree maneuverability
  • Better performance & superior comfort
  • A better product at a more competitive price

Buying from the right place like Boya Equipment provides a wide network, expert advice, service by a team of highly qualified and proficient diesel mechanics, and parts to maximize your productivity and reduce costs along with a great after-sales service offering a huge workshop and mobile service vehicles to make sure your machine is serviced on a regular basis and repaired in a timely manner


With a variety of applications, hammers are used for construction to demolition any of landscaping projects.


  • Advanced 'accumulator free' technology
  • The simple design allows fewer parts & realizes low running cost
  • Adaptable for a wide range of oil pressure & flow

Lastly, to function these types of machinery, power equipment like engines and generators are used.

So, if this information has helped you decide on the right equipment for your business then why not buy it from a place that actually has a pit on location to go out and test out your equipment before purchasing?

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