The big skid – Kubota’s SSV75 will give you outstanding performance in exceptional comfort while being easy to maintain. Want to go to the next level? Then Kubota skid steers are the perfect choice for you.

The optional multi-function levers provide control of all major machine and attachment operations, including the main hydraulic line and 3 electrical lines, letting you keep both hands on the levers for optimal operating productivity and safety. It also features a Dial-type hand throttle which is Ideal for jobs that require a constant engine speed, such as cold planning and trenching, the dial-type hand throttle is conveniently placed to let you change the engine speed setting while managing the levers. Finally, you’ll see how the Front Post Switch panels are laid out, they provide quick and convenient access to important functions.

Jump in one today and you’ll notice the sizable and comfortable interior. Look around at the excellent 360-degree visibility, the bucket edges can be seen from the seat. The wide rear-view mirror located in the middle of the cabin ensures an excellent view of conditions behind the loader, improved visibility means better safety on the job. As you take to sit down, you’ll feel a suspension seat that is wide and supportive; the SSV series’ suspension seat will keep you working in comfort all day long. Another great design feature of the cabin is the ample legroom, this spacious cabin provides plenty of legroom to help reduce operator fatigue.

Stay cool under pressure through the optimised airflow through 9 vents, which will provide outstanding cooling and heating comfort all year round. Enhanced defrosting and demisting functions through ample airflow which prevents the windows from fogging up or freezing during the colder months of the year.

Moving dirt is thirsty work and Kubota has you covered with a cup holder under the right armrest which conveniently holds your beverage of choice while on the job. While a 12V socket can be used for recharging phones and powering other small electronic gadgets. The SSV75 cabin comes prewired with speakers already installed, all that needs to be added is the radio to get you rocking on the job!

Sliding side windows, the front sections of both side windows slide open towards the back of the cab as well as the Side-window grill, the side-window grilles are situated on the inside to let you easily clean the outer surfaces of the window. This machine also features Front and side work lights, rear lights as well as optional turn signals.

The couplers are well protected as well as the Auxiliary lines routed inside the arm, not to mention the Cylinder protection plates meaning your machine is battle ready! You will also see the conveniently located top-mounted radiator and oil cooler on the top of the engine compartment, the radiator components are protected from damage from the rear but also within easy reach for cleaning and regular maintenance.

The cabin can be tilted 64 degrees without the need to lift the arm, allowing easy access to the hydraulic pumps, valves, lines and hydraulic tank coupled with the 3 dirt-cleaning ports to ensure fast and simple removal of dirt and debris from the lower part of the machine. With the door-enclosed fuel tank, you have easy refill access. No need to open the door, simply lift a flap for quick and easy refuelling. The battery is also easily accessed without the need for tools.

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