If you crave trailblazing performance, ultra-versatility and luxury in a compact environment then Kubota’s KX018-4 mini excavator raises the standard in the 1.8-tonne size with a potent digging force and a larger working range that rivals higher-end machines. The first-rate KX018-4 is designed for excellent operation from huge construction areas to the tightest of sites; you can rely on Kubota’s mini excavators to get the job done more easily and better!

Kubota’s remarkable D90217PS engine for the KX018-4 is engineered for utmost digging and lifting performance. It also delivers minimalized noise as well as vibration. It also meets the latest engine emission regulations. Making it one of the more environmentally appropriate machines in production.

Wider working range with a vast array of mighty working applications for digging, lifting and loading, the KX018-4 is always hard at work for you. Plus, the amplified efficiency of our bucket capacity, digging depth and load over height meets or exceeds the standards of today’s building sites. Superior Digging Force with the sturdy and well-balanced arm and bucket let you dig faster and more efficiently even through the hardest of surfaces.

Great stability and lifting capacity with the long tumbler distance and wide variable track width provide better stability so you can perform safely with Kubota’s range of attachments. Kubota’s hydraulic system and formidable boom cylinder deliver the lift ability you need for a wide range of jobs. Combined, you get a cutting-edge hydraulic system that automatically regulates and distributes the ideal amount of oil to each cylinder based on the weight of the load, for level, responsive and steady lifting capacity and operation.

The variable track gauge heightens stability when using weighty attachments and the tracks can be expanded up to 1300mm & pulled into 990mm to make passing through tight doorways and constricted passages possible. Changes can be made in just seconds with the independent track gauge lever. Short-pitched rubber crawlers and double-flanged track rollers (KX018-4) reduce vibration and double-flanged rollers that help improve stability and travel functioning. Integrated Travel Motor Hoses - Kubota has covered the travel motor hoses within the track frame for added safeguard.

Straight-Travel For added safety: Kubota's hydraulic system makes sure that you travel in a straight line even during the coinciding operation of the front boom, arm and bucket. The auto-shift system for the KX018-4 allows automatic travel to shift from low to high depending on traction effort and environment. This results in silkier operations when dozing and turning. Two-speed Travel: By arranging the 2-speed travel switch on the dozer stick, dozing operations can be done faster and with ease.

Weight-variable suspension seat that is engineered for an enhanced fit and comfort even for long hours of labour, Kubota’s higher back suspension seat will minimise strain and operator weariness by accommodating your specific posture and weight. It also includes modifiable wrist rests and a seatbelt. The foot area enhances comfort by providing generous legroom to reduce fatigue even during those long workdays.

With the new user-friendly digital panel installed on all 4 models, it puts convenience at your fingertips. Located to the front right corner of the operator for easier visual and better accessibility, it features a simple one-touch button operation to view the time, hour meter & tachometer. Warning lamps with codes on the display will inform you in case of emergencies for example: overheating, hydraulic issues or low battery.

ROPS and FOPS Certified Canopy: It is very lightweight for improved stability and certified for safety, the ROPS & FOPS safety systems provide protection from falling debris or chance rollovers. The Topside Boom Cylinder increases reliability when performing in dangerous conditions, including demolition work when a rock-breaker is attached, the boom cylinder has been positioned on the top of the boom to prevent cylinder damage.

Engine Upkeep: Kubota has made regular maintenance really simple by consolidating primary engine components onto one side for ease of access. Engine and other crucial components can be inspected quickly and easily. Easy lubrication boss: This lubrication replaces the previous pin method to make lubrications more suitable when exchanging attachments.

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