When you need a generator - you really need a generator. 

It’s the sort of equipment that can make the difference between a successful day or a living nightmare. 

Whether you’re an event manager, site manager, builder, or farmer, having access to a reliable source of power is essential. But with many generators on the market, which one should you go for?

Here we take a detailed look at the Kubota SQ Series diesel generators, which make up the stock of Kubota generators for sale here at Boya Equip. 

Power for every occasion 

Whether you’re planning on running a small pop-up shop, remote party, event, or building site, the Kubota SQ Series diesel generators are an ideal set that contains the right power level for all needs and circumstances. The series boasts a self-exciting type alternator and vertical, water-cooled, 3/4-cycle diesel engines. There's ample power and less noise allowing you to get on with the job.

Matching up your power requirements with the right generator can be hard - if you’re having trouble picking the right generator for your needs. 

Let’s take a closer look. 

Kubota SQ1120 Diesel Single Phase 12 kVA

We start with the single-phase generators: the SQ1120 features a compact, waterproof unit with 4 power outlets consisting of 240 Volts. This generator can be trusted to deliver reliable high-quality power. An oversized muffler to reduce noise keeps sound at a highly manageable 61.0 dB(A). Other. Features include a lockable control panel and a digital control panel. The Kubota SQ1120 is also the lightest unit, coming in at 780kg.

SQ1150 Diesel Single Phase 15kVA

If you’re after a bit more oomph, then you should consider upgrading to the SQ1150.

With an extra cylinder in the engine, this model gives users an extra 3.8kVA (continuous output) compared to the SQ1120. Although it is basically the same in terms of sound levels - you can expect the SQ1120 and the SQ1150 to drink similar amounts of diesel throughout the day. 

Features added to this model include a vertical, water-cooled, 4-cycle V2203-EBG Kubota diesel engine, a continuous full load running time of 11.3 hours, and a smart automatic shutdown if the oil pressure drops or the water temperature is too high. 

SQ3140 Diesel Three Phase 14kVA

Kubota’s phase 3 diesel engines offer the promise of increased efficiency and longer running times. The SQ 3140 generator is no exception. Features include an easy-maintenance panel on one side of the unit, continuous full load running capacity of 16.3 hours, and centralised lifting lugs. 

SQ3200 Diesel Three Phase 20kVA

The Kubota SQ3200 is a 3 phase diesel generator with a standby output of 22 kVA and prime output of 20 kVA. At 3/4 load, this generator has a continuous operating time of 25 hours, or at full load a continuous running time of 11.7 hours. 

SQ3300 Diesel Three Phase 30 kVA

By far the most powerful of the SQ Series, the Kubota SQ3300 delivers a continuous running time of 15.9 hours at full load capacity. With 4 power outlets and rated output of 30.0 kVA, it’s also the loudest of the bunch at 64.0 dB(A). Weighing in at 1135kg, this is also the heaviest unit of the series. 

What is the best diesel generator?

Kubota SQ series diesel generators offer a unique balance of power, efficiency, and low sound levels. Single-sided access means easier maintenance, and quick inspection, plus the SQ series is known for its super quiet performance.

How many hours will a Kubota diesel generator last?

On a full tank of fuel and running at full capacity, the Kubota SQ series diesel generators can run anywhere between 11.3 and 15.9 hours. This is good to know if you’re planning on using the generator for a remote event where access to fuel is limited. 

Where are Kubota generators made?

Like all Kubota products, the Kubota SQ series diesel generators are designed and made in Japan. Boasting some of the highest quality and attention to detail, Kubota’s generators are made to withstand long use and harsh conditions. 

How quiet is a Kubota diesel generator?

Diesel generators are a critical tool in many situations where power is not available, and Kubota has made them as quiet as possible using quieter cooling fans, noise-absorbing ducts, and a special enclosure to ensure sound does not escape during operation.

What is the most fuel-efficient diesel generator?

Of Kubota's SQ Series diesel generators the SQ3200 is one of the most efficient diesel fuel generators. With super quiet operation and a quieter cooling fan, this diesel generator is equipped to deliver dependable power to your site.

Speak to the experts

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