If you’re searching for new or used Kubota excavators for sale, there is no doubt that you will come across the U17-3. Boasting a huge variety of practical and intelligent features, the U17-3 is a clear standout in the extensive range of Kubota mini excavators. Let’s explore a few of these exciting features today.

Zero Tail Swing

The U17-3 zero tail swing mini excavator gives you the performance and effectiveness you need on tight jobs. When space is at a premium, the U17-3 brings the maneuverability, muscle, performance, and flexibility that get the task complete. When you got to take on a tough job in space, look no further than the adaptable U17-3. This mini machine delivers the power you require, the control you need, and the smooth performance you must have. In addition, Kubota has amended the pump capacity, lengthened the dozer arm, and loaded it with a whole host of upgrades that will assist you in getting the job done quicker and with greater productivity.

A More Powerful Engine

Kubota has upgraded the engine from 13 horsepower to 17, so the machine can deliver more of the power and reliability your work requires. In addition to its increased horsepower and performance, it also offers low noise and vibration levels, fantastic fuel economy, and is aligned with the EPA’s 2008 tier IV emissions regulations.

A Variable Track Width

The U17-3 is equipped with a hydraulic track gauge that can be altered to between 990mm & 1240mm. With the pull of a single lever, you can reduce the track gauge which will assist you to navigate narrow areas or increase it to improve functionality.

The Double Flanged Track Rollers & Short Pitched Rubber Crawler

Kubota’s higher-end excavator, the U17-3 features double-flanged track rollers & is fitted with short-pitched rubber crawlers for improved undercarriage robustness. The double-flanged track rollers help increase travel stability and performance, and the short-pitched rubber crawlers help lessen vibration during travel for improved comfort. With the U17-3, a day on the dig always goes smoothly.

Improved Travel Motor

Kubota has advanced the U17-3’s travel motor, resulting in a 10% traction increase, when operating at low speeds.

Longer Reach with the Extended Dozer Arm

Kubota has lengthened the dozer arm to enhance the clearance between the dozer and the bucket—this makes collecting dirt and rocks close to the machine simple and more effective. And, the extended length of the dozer arm also helps thwart soil or rocks from getting caught in between the dozer and the crawler. The working range on the U17 is great as it boasts excellent reach and digging depths to ensure that each job is performed with max efficiency and speed.

Upgraded Pump Capacity

We've upped the hydraulic pump capacity to 45 litres per minute, to give you the boost you must have to take on a vast array of tasks.

Shielded Front Hoses

The Shielded front hoses for greater protection, the U17-3’s front hoses are channelled within the arm. This design choice will also improve the operator’s visibility as well as increase hose service life and lowers repair expenses.

Boom Cylinder on Top of the Boom

Your boom cylinder will remain safe from damage during breaker or dumping operations. The cylinder design features a greater dia rod and increased hydraulic pressure for better lift power and optimal attachment speed.

Strong Bucket Breakout Force

A Strong bucket breakout force is standard as the U17-3 has the power you need for heavy loads and rough dig jobs, a breakout force of 1550 kilograms, with a dedicated bucket and quick coupler. A strong lift is what the U17 will deliver with its excellent lifting ability as well as for digging and loading. This is provided by a powerful and responsive front working group. Even when working on the side of the machine, while using hydraulic attachments, or moving heavy matters, the U17-3 has excellent stability, thanks to its innovative counterbalancing technology, long tumbler distance, low centre of gravity, and that smooth operation which is synonymous with the Kubota brand.

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