From Kubota, comes a commanding articulated wheel loader designed to get the job done more rapidly and keep you comfortable. It’s all-new, Internally and externally, and ready for any job you can throw at it. Productivity and comfort are the stand-out features of Kubota’s all-new R065 wheel loader, with a powerful engine, greater manoeuvrability, and a large cabin.

Great Working Range

A long dump reach and high dump clearance mean it will tackle all types of dumping jobs with ease. The lengthy dumping reach and elevated dumping clearance lets you dump into trucks with ease, while the long dumping reach makes pallet fork tasks faster and more efficient.

The R065’s low clearance [a mere 2480 mm] lets you work under low-dangling branches, eaves, and other hard-to-get-to areas, as well as moving between jobs under other low structures (bridges etc.) The improved articulation and frame oscillation for greater stability and more comfort when operating on rough ground, a one-of-a-kind centre-type joint allows for 8 degrees of frame oscillation and 40 deg of articulation in either direction. Plus, the heavy-duty build ensures long-life operation.

Hybrid Link Design

The well-balanced cylinder position of Kubota’s hybrid link system merges the advantages of both Z link and parallel link systems. You get robust bucket force when digging and grading as well as a vertical lift path for superior reach and lifting. Conveying a full loaded pallet with the pallet fork, Kubota’s hybrid link system structure keeps the pallet upright and sturdy, even while raising or lowering the arms.

Differential Lock

Should you feel the wheels start to slip, simply activate the differential lock switch to instantly engage both back and front wheels. The result is positive, slip-free adhesion.

Safe and Secure

The OSHA-certified ROPS/FOPS canopy and cabin ensure protection in the event of a mishap. 6 tie-down points make certain of simple and secure transport between jobs. ROPS/FOPS cabin and canopy are forged, and factory fitted. both the Roll-Over Protective Structure (ROPS) and Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) meet the pertinent ISO, SAE and OSHA guidelines.

Serviceability through fast and easy access to all routine inspection items ensures the R065 will be back working as soon as possible. With easy maintenance, Convenient service accessibility Kubota R065 helps to reduce downtime and maintenance expenses and lets you get back to the job quickly. The engine is accessible via the rear which opens wide, providing fast and simple access to the loader's main service areas. Components that require routine inspection and service, such as dual element air cleaner, engine oil refill, fuel filter and water separator are all within easy reach for fast and easy service. Quick-open panels on both sides provide quick access to the fuel refill (right side) and battery (left side). All other aspects of this Wheel loader are also easy to service and maintain.

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