Kubota’s game-changing M7-1 mid-range tractor series is coming to Australia this September

Powerful performance for intelligent farming

Kubota’s highly anticipated M7-1 Series tractor line is making its way into dealerships this September. This marks a new era for Kubota as it breaks into the commercial livestock, mixed farming and row-crop production markets. The M7-1 Series is the largest horsepower offering from Kubota to date and includes three new mid-range tractor models: the M7-131, M7-151 and M7-171, in the 130 to 170 horsepower range. These new workhorse tractors feature powerful performance, easy operation, advanced technology, sophisticated styling, and best-in-class base weight, making every machine in the range a top choice for small, medium and large-scale farming.

“With the M7-1 Series, we’re bringing more than 40 years of engineering prowess to the field with a built-from-the-ground-up machine, designed with intuitive technology that makes precision farming possible,” said Malcolm Owens, General Manager of Marketing and Sales.

Something smart for everyone

The M7-1 Series is geared for heavy tillage and pulling, as well as spraying, fertilising, seeding, feeding and front loading. The range suits dairy and mixed farms, among many others, as it offers a wide range of options for mowing and loading. For this versatility, operators usually require a heavy 6-cylinder tractor as well a 4-cylinder with high manoeuvrability – Kubota meets these demands with a single, powerful range that meets the highest customer demands in use, efficiency and performance. The ideal tractor for arable farming, the M7-1 Series has power on the ground and a seamlessly efficient engine and transmission. Kubota thinks the typical M7-1 owner will like comfort and innovation along with balanced operating costs. They’ll want to grow their business with a tool that improves efficiency and allows them to work smarter for longer in more comfort.

Clean, powerful Kubota diesel

Kubota’s M7-1 Series boasts a powerful V6108 Kubota turbocharged diesel engine, the very latest in clean air engine technology, with an innovative catalytic converter that transforms harmful exhaust gases into water vapour and nitrogen. Advanced electronic fuel injection results in greater efficiency, better economy and less noise. Additionally, with a particulate filter muffler and an Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system, the M7-1 Series exceeds the toughest emissions standards. The M7-1 Series provides exceptionally clean yet uncompromisingly powerful mid-range agricultural tractors.

Premium models feature load sensing hydraulics and semi-powershift transmissions or the Kubota Variable Transmission (KVT), which provides an effectively infinite number of forward and reverse speeds. This smart technology provides operators with optimal speed for almost any job. Responsive and reliable, the KVT transmission also features dynamic braking, or engine-assisted deceleration, to help maintain control and constant travelling speed on slopes.

Comfort, safety and security

For those focused on safety, as well as long days in the field, the M7-1 Series has an optional front suspension for stable and precise operation, giving the tractor the ability to keep power to the ground and maintain traction in changing soil and terrain. The front suspension also saves fuel, increases productivity, and minimises wear and tear on operators and equipment. The wide cab in the M7-1 Series will also keep operators comfortable during long days. With just four corner posts and no centre pillars, views to the front, rear and sides are virtually unobstructed. The advanced cab design also reduces noise, and is available with mechanical or air ride suspension, taking the bumps out of the work to keep drivers healthy and productive.

Engineered for versatility

Kubota’s objective for the M7-1 Series was to create a highly versatile piece of advanced machinery, allowing operators to switch easily between jobs and functions. A smart front-end loader provides best-in-class lifting performance and features a self-levelling linkage that ensures a clear view over the loader boom. Operators can quickly attach and detach all hydraulic hoses simultaneously using Kubota’s quick coupler, making installing or uninstalling the loader a snap. A single switch on the joystick grip controls numerous other hydraulic implements and functions.

This versatility continues with four-speed live-independent power take-off (PTO) from 102 to 142 horsepower, meaning operators can use a huge range of rear-mounted gear on almost any job, while optional front PTO allows two powered implements to run at the same time. PTO can be engaged and disengaged without stopping the tractor, using a single control switch with automatic modulation for smooth engagement. 


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