The extremely versatile Kubota U25-3 is quite a remarkable mini excavator. Its extensive list of features starts with nil tail swing, includes a great bucket breakout force, and a clear and concise digital information panel. You can be assured that this machine has what it takes to get the job done. With its ability to manoeuvrability and strong performance, you need those hard-to-reach digging applications. The dexterity to get into the tight spots and the strength to work its way out. When bigger machines won't fit, the U25-3 can get in, get the task done, and get back out again with higher speed and max efficiency. As far as comparable compact excavators go, the U25-3 has got it all, so let’s explore a few of its key features.

Featuring Kubota’s Control System

Kubota’s Intelligent Control System can aid with reduced downtime and repair costs by providing timely diagnostic reads and routine maintenance alarms. The sizable display gives you current working conditions, warning indicators, engine rpm and hr metre, fuel, temperature & oil levels. This not only lets you know when fuel is low but alerts you during refuelling when the tank is nearly filled to prevent overflow.

Fuel Overflow Prevention

The U25-3S’s fuel system warns you when the tank is nearly full. To begin refuelling, turn the ignition key to the OFF position and press any of the buttons on the digital panel. The system will begin sounding an alarm. When the tank is all but filled, the gap between the indicators will become less, Like a reversing alarm for a vehicle.

Safe and Controlled Starts

When the safety control lever is moved up, the console shifts with it, providing more room for ingress & exodus. To prevent unforeseen machine movement during entry or exit, the travel & pilot controls are then deactivated. This is the only time that the engine will crank over. Straight travel: The U25-3’s Hydraulic Matching System ensures more safe loading & off-loading by maintaining straight-line travel while operating the boom.

Suspension Seat

Fitted with armrests, the U25-3S’s plush seat reduces fatigue and upturns productivity by providing optimal comfort for operators of all shapes and sizes. Even though you’re sitting in an excavator, you’ll still be living it up in luxury in the Kubota U25-3.

Auxiliary Hydraulic System

The excavator’s auxiliary hydraulic system is designed to accommodate a bunch of different attachments, such as post-hole diggers and rock breakers, the U25-3S’s auxiliary hydraulic system consists of port pipes on the arm, bi-directional auxiliary controls, and a control value. The auxiliary hydraulic connections are located for easy reach and incorporate short hoses that are less likely to become entangled or damaged.

Front Pin Bushings

The pin bushings are fitted at all the pivot points along with the swing bracket, boom, arm, and bucket. Pin-type bushings not only last longer, but they are also easier as well as cheaper to replace when required.

Upper Track Roller

The permanently lubricated upper track rollers prevent the tracks from hitting the frame while the machine is moving, reducing both sound and fatigue.

Maintenance Wide Opening Covers

The mini excavator’s wide-opening covers provide easy and fast access to all crucial engine parts. In addition to this, the control valves are located safely under the deck. Two-piece hose connections for the dozer and boom cylinders simplify hose renewal and provides less downtime.

These are only a few of the many incredible features of the U25-3. If you’re researching or considering excavators, Perth-based residents should look no further than Boya Equipment. As the only dealer in WA stocking the complete range, and a team of knowledgeable and friendly staff members, you can be assured that you’ll find your perfect excavator.