If you require a versatile machine that can perform a variety of earth moving-related tasks, you have 2 options: Compact Track Loader or a Skid Steer. On the surface, it looks like the only real difference is that one has tracked and the other has wheels. However, when put head to head they each have unique advantages to contemplate.

CTL (Compact Track Loader) Benefits

A compact track loaders like Kubota’s SVL75-2 or SVL95-2s will give you a smoother ride, which will enable you to do exact work while loading. The lower center of gravity will also provide better stability which grants the operator more safety, as well as for others working nearby. The faster-turning skid steer can tend to tear up the ground of the construction site, whereas the CTL is gentler on the ground. Tough construction site conditions, such as sandy or muddy terrain, will prove problematic for the tires of a skid steer. The Kubota SVL75 tracks, however, can negotiate these conditions, helping you keep your job on schedule during inclement weather. While true that the skid steer tires are less expensive to replace, the Track loader track tends to last far longer than tires.

Skid Steer Benefits

More than 50 years ago, the first skid steer appeared. Today, it is a construction equipment standard. A skid steer is often called a "Bobcat," but there is a multitude of construction equipment companies that manufacture skid steers. One example is Kubota with their SSV65 & SSV75. The skid steer is lighter than a CTL, which makes transport easier to the job site. It can rapidly travel over curbs whereas a compact track loader's tracks could be damaged by performing such a move. The tires on a Skid are gentle enough to be used on concrete or asphalt, whilst the tracks of a CTL have the potential to damage these surfaces. The skid steer can move quickly, and it will turn tight compared with a compact track loader can. To prevent wear and tear on compact track loaders, a 3-point turn is the better approach, but that takes up more time. The skid steer's tires also raise the undercarriage enough to prevent damage, but the compact track loader is lower to the ground exposing its parts to dirt, mud, rocks & other objects that could inhibit effective operation. Replacing a skid steer tire is less expensive than replacing the track loaders tracks.

Skid Steers


  • Distinct Advantages when working on Harder surfaces (Street, Curbs, demolition)
  • The Tires are cheaper than tracks
  • It will compact the ground


  • Not great with grading as you don't want to compact the ground
  • Tires tend to wear

Compact Track Loader


  • Grade almost anywhere- Huge advantage in sand/dirt work
  • Won't compact ground- Grade & Bulldoze efficiently


  • If you slice the track you must replace the whole side
  • Not great in demolition work
  • Larger replacement cost

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