If you're a farmer, your tractor is most likely one of your biggest assets. Thanks to a range of useful tractor attachments and implements, this trusty old workhorse can be called upon to perform many jobs. Of course, it's the ability to do the job depends on having the right tractor accessories, so we've compiled a list of the 10 must-have tractor implements that you should keep in your shed. Having these parts ready to go will give you the best chance of getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

Rotary Cutters

Rotary cutters effectively turn Kubota tractors into Kubota mowers, providing them with the function of trimming grass and other vegetation to a specific height. These implements enable you to maintain the overall appearance of your fields by making quick work of brush or tall weeds that may appear over time. The sharp and durable blades of rotary cutters are handy if you frequently deal with rough terrain such as road edges.

Rotary Tillers

Also known as rototillers, rotavators, and rotary ploughs, rotary tillers are necessary tractor implements if you intend to manage crops on your farm. They include a set of revolving curved tines that cut deep into the ground and dig up fresh fertile soil for optimised agricultural results.

The rotating blades enhance the soil management process by breaking down lumps and clods, improving moisture levels, aerating the soil and giving seedbeds the ideal texture for maximum yield. Additionally, you may apply rotary tillers when preparing farm ground for roadworks.


Loaders are probably the most common implements found in multiple tractor designs that include scoop, bucket, and skip loaders. They provide machines with the ability to conveniently scoop dirt, earth or waste and relocate it elsewhere. You may consider augmenting these implements with pallet loaders or buckets for optimised user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness.

Agricultural experts use front-end loaders for a wide variety of tasks on the farm, such as clearing snow, moving debris, compost, or any biomass material in the most convenient way possible. Additionally, front-end loaders enable effortless digging projects on the farm.

Box Blade

A box blade with scarifiers is one of the fundamental tools that tractor owners always seem to find a use for. This versatile device has a simple design and is pulled behind the tractor. Blades dig into the ground and then spread out the material into a flat, level layer. This tool is great for making roads or paths as well as levelling out gravel for parking lots or other open spaces. The box blade helps to take the guesswork out of smoothing and levelling ground.

Rear Blade

Like a box blade, a rear blade helps to flatten and level surface materials. Attached to the rear of the tractor, the rear blade trails the tractor scraping off the loose layer of material that is sitting on the surface. This can be helpful for grading roads, levelling paths, or even scraping away ice or snow.

Post Hole Digger

When you have large runs of fencing to put in, you'll definitely need the right tool for the job. That tool is a post hole digger – a sort of large auger that quickly bores deep, perfectly round holes when and where you need them. You can often fit even larger auger bits for planting things like bushes and trees, making this a particularly useful tool for landscaping.


Whether you're distributing seeds in your field or fertilising the soil, a spreader is a perfect device for the job. This implementation uses a large hopper that is filled with whatever material you're spreading and then uses a spinning wheel to distribute it in an even layer behind the tractor. You can calibrate the spreader to achieve your preferred distribution area.


A tractor backhoe is one of the best attachments you can own, as they can help with many jobs.  Backhoes vary in capabilities, including digging force and dig depth, depending on the chosen size, as well as the horsepower and hydraulics of your compact tractor. The larger and deeper the hole, the more horsepower and hydraulics you'll need on the tractor. Backhoe attachments mount on the rear of a compact utility tractor via a steel sub-frame.

Pallet Forks

These are great for moving large amounts of pallets around fields during harvest, or to receive new equipment from a delivery truck with minimal effort. They can also be used as bale spears.

Pallet forks are usually made of quality steel materials that make them tough and durable for carrying heavy loads. With a pallet fork farm implement, you can successfully convert your tractor into a forklift with improved visibility and manoeuvrability on uneven terrains.

Land Plane

Similar to the rear blade and box blade, the land plane is helpful for levelling out roads or other surfaces. It works well with gravel, dirt, and other materials. It can be used to level a job site, create or maintain a road, and many other tasks. Its more detailed design gives it more finesse and control in many applications than the rear or box blades.

Getting the job done properly depends on having the right attachments for your tractor. The more attachments you have ready to go, the better prepared you are to tackle any job that may pop up on your farm. To find out more about the must-have tractor implements included in this blog, get in touch with our friendly team at Boya Equipment – call (08) 9302 2006 or email us at boyaequip@boyaequip.com.au