Having suitable lawn mowers makes mowing a lawn an easier task. Whether you have acres of beautiful green garden or just a humble patch, you will have to mow it regularly to keep it looking great. A good lawn mower makes mowing easy and takes less time. However, not everyone knows what to look for when buying a lawn mower. If you are looking for the best lawn mower for a small yard in Australia, this article can help you.

What to look for when buying a lawn mower? 

Lawn size 

First of all, get an idea about your lawn size. A push lawn mower could be the go-to option if you have a small lawn of around ½ acres or less.  For a large lawn, you might be better off with a riding mower which you can navigate through your garden.


Another important thing before you invest in lawn mowers is your terrain. Some gardens have flat and clear terrain, while others have hills and obstacles in them. If you have a flat lawn, consider a push mower or a cylindrical mower. On the other hand, for hilly terrains, it is best to choose either a self-propelled mower or a riding mower. In self-propelled models, there is an engine to power the wheels. Further, if you have obstacles like flower beds, fountains, or lawn decorations, it is better to opt for the zero-turn-radius mower.

Electric or Petrol

Another essential feature to consider is how your lawn mowers are powered. Petrol mowers are powerful and can run efficiently throughout the mowing session. Another option for you is that of electric mowers. These can be of two types; cordless mowers or corded electric mowers. Cordless mowers are cleaner and quieter, but they are not very powerful. They cannot run for the whole duration of mowing and might need charging a couple of times depending on the size of your lawn. These mowers are a good choice for a smaller garden. For a large garden, you can get corded electric lawn mowers that will give you unlimited run time. However, it may be inconvenient and might even become an issue to have a cord running behind you all the time.


It is a good idea to buy a lawn mower that is compatible with different attachments. These attachments increase their utility.  Some of these attachments are dump carts, lawn rollers and lawn aerators, so keep these in mind when you’re researching for the perfect lawn mower. 

Grass clippings

When you cut grass with a lawn mower, it results in a considerable amount of grass clippings. These clippings can act as fertilizer to sow other plants. Some lawn mowers come with a side discharge option that splits grass clippings into your lawn. However, if your garden has thick, clumpy and long grass, you will have to rake up the clippings and discard or recycle it properly. 

So, as another option, you can get a mower with a bagger. Though such machines are a little more expensive, you will not have to rake up the grass clippings. For gardens with large areas, you may have to empty the bags 2-3 times.

Deck size

Deck size means the width of the mower blades. Some decks are 20” to 70” or more. However, the best choice for a mower blade's “cutting width” is between 30”-60”.  When you choose a large cutting width, you can mow your garden in less time. For a garden with flower beds, fountains, and other decorations, a mower with larger blade width is not suitable.

Reel or rotary mowers

When purchasing a new lawn mower, people are generally confused between a reel mower and a rotary lawn mower. Reel mowers have a helical blade that meets the grass bed like a scissor. In reel mowers, blades spin with a horizontal shaft. Also, the blades create an updraft. This updraft causes the grass to stand up for easy cutting. However, reel mowers are not suitable for cutting tall grass.

On the other hand, rotary lawn mowers cut the grass through high-speed impact. If you are using rotary mowers, you need to cut the grass in a horizontal direction. Thus, some people prefer reel mowers.

In a rotary lawn mower, you get two options. You can either buy a wheeled rotary mower or a hover mower. The wheeled ones have petrol and electric versions. However, people prefer petrol lawn mowers for a large garden. Petrol mowers are commonly called cylinder mowers. With the wheeled rotary lawn mower, you can mow the lawn only in straight lines. 

A hybrid of these two varieties is a rear roller lawn mower. A mower with a rear roller creates a striped finish to the lawn.

Some other general tips to know what to look for when buying a lawn mower

  • Always check for the durability of the mower as it can be an expensive investment. Check which parts are replaceable and how easily the spare parts are available.
  • Before you buy, check the online reviews for the product you are buying. Online reviews give you an idea about any hidden flaws.
  • You can buy a lawn mower online, however, do not ignore the importance of local service dealers. You can get better knowledge about the product and may save some extra bucks in this deal.
  • If possible, try height adjusters on the mower you are buying. Make sure that you can adjust the cutting height quickly and smoothly.

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