RTV 520 Petrol 16HPKubota

RTV 520 Petrol 16HP

  • 15.8-horsepower Liquid-cooled Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Petrol Engine
  • Variable hydro transmission (VHT)
  • Comfortable Operator Area
  • Smooth, Reliable Semi-independent Rear Suspension
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Kubota RTV 900 Diesel 21.6HPKubota

RTV 900 Diesel 21.6HP

  • 3 cylinder 21.6 hp Kubota environmentally friendly E-TVCS diesel engine
  • Variable Hydraulic Transmission with Oil Cooler
  • Hydrostatic power steering
  • Wet disc brakes
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Kubota RTV X1100c Diesel 25HPKubota

RTV X1100c Diesel 25HP

  • Fully enclosed cab featuring air conditioning, defroster, and heating systems to keep you comfortable in all types of weather
  • More powerful engine that packs a proven 24.8hp diesel engine
  • New alloy wheels
  • Half doors on drivers side for easy entry and exit while also keeping the dirt and scrub out
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RTV 1140 Diesel 25HP

  • Excellent acceleration, 3-cylinders, 4-cycle, diesel engine
  • Front suspension; Liquid Cooling System
  • Reinforced steel front guard
  • ROPS protection; Wet Disc Barkes
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Kubota RTV-XG850 Petrol 48HPKubota

RTV-XG850 Petrol 48HP

  • 65km/h top speed
  • Petrol 2-cylinder engine
  • CVT Plus Transmission; Engine braking
  • Dumping Cargo Box; Towing capacity
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Kubota RTVs for Sale

Setting the industry standard, Kubota RTVs vehicles are renowned for their great performance, durability & reliability. Ranging from 16HP -- 24.8HP, the RTV product line is powered by Kubota’s dependable and high-performance Diesel & Petrol engines. Safety is vital, that’s why Kubota always continues to invest in the latest technologies to ensure driver and passenger safety. Extremely comfortable, Kubota zeroes in on the finer details including smart features such as ergonomic seating and controls, extra storage space & plenty of legroom, for extra comfort on those long days out on the job site. Available in 5 different series, each suitable for different needs but offering the same superior Kubota quality.

RTV500 Series: Kubota’s neat and quiet RTV500 Series range takes on the harshest terrain with brilliant performance & traction. Powered by Kubota’s liquid-cooled EFI petrol engines, the RTV500 series is coupled with Kubota’s innovative variable hydrostatic transmission giving you industry-leading reliability.

RTV-X900 Series: Offering a slicker ride, outstanding driveability & luxury comfort, the Kubota RTV-X900 Series is designed for the worker seeking a new level of efficiency, comfort & convenience.

RTV-X1120 Series: Feel outstanding power, comfort, convenience & style with Kubota’s RTV-X1120 range. Fuelled by Kubota’s powerful and long-lasting 24.8HP diesel engines and exclusive Variable Hydro Transmission (VHT-X), its body is available in Kubota’s special orange or camo type pattern.

RTV1140 Series: Kubota’s finest utility vehicle range, the RTV-1140 gives you the ultimate in power & versatility, designed for heavy-duty work in the roughest environments. Powered by Kubota’s 24.8HP engines and featuring Kubota’s unique variable hydro transmission, the RTV-1140 delivers best-in-class acceleration, optimum traction and unrivalled control on rugged terrain.

RTV-XG850 Series: Takes performance up a few notches, get in the driver’s seat of The Kubota “Sidekick”. The unit’s high transport speed (up to 64 km/h) & fast acceleration comes from a powerful 48HP petrol engine. Equipped with an advanced CVT Plus transmission, this sturdy, liquid-cooled engine provides plenty of torque coupled with a quick and smooth take-off for a powerful but gentle ride.