• Motorized spreader Ideal for hard to reach terrain
  • Ideal for sporting grounds and environments where a tractor is unavailable
  • On/Off power switch to motor. Metering Disc, controls discharge rate from hopper. Gate lever, switches flow from hopper on and off
  • 12m maximum throw
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  • 350L Corrosion resistant UV stabilised polyethelene with stainless steel metering & spreading discs.
  • Optional hopper cover & single or double-sided conveyors available
  • Suitable for small to medium spreading applications
  • Capable of spreading a wide variety of products including fertiliser and seed
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Kubota VS220-VS330 Series 200 Litre SpreaderKubota

VS220-VS330 Series 200 Litre

  • Optimal spreader for working in small areas
  • Spreading width from 1 – 15 metres is possible
  • Ideal for use on golf courses, sport field and grounds and many horticulture applications
  • Hardwearing polyethylene hopper
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Kubota VS400-VS500 Series 400-500 Litre SpreaderKubota

VS400-VS500 Series 400-500 Litre

  • Up to 15m spreading width; MANUAL, HYDRAULIC OR ELECTRONIC CONTROL
  • 400-500 litre hopper capacities; EXCELLENT OVERLAP
  • Great for vineyards and orchards
  • Simple calibration
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Kubota VS600-VS750 Series 600-700 Litre SpreaderKubota

VS600-VS750 Series 600-700 Litre

  • 600-750 litre hopper standard; Gentle handling of fertiliser
  • Hopper extensions available; Low filling height;Simple calibration;
  • Up to 15m spreading width; Built for durability
  • Ideal for golf courses, vineyards and general farm applications.
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Kubota Compact DSC Spreader Series 700-1400 Litre SpreaderKubota

Compact DSC Series 700-1400 Litre

  • Kubota DSC is a very compact spreader that will fit behind every tractor; For modern farmers
  • optimal spreading of fertiliser means using the exact amount of nutrition and avoiding overlap
  • guarantee accurate spreading in all conditions, easy to operate and provide many years of trouble free usage
  • Working width 9-21 meters
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Kubota DSM Series Medium 1100 - 2000 Litre SpreaderKubota

DSM Series Medium 1100 - 2000 Litre

  • The DSM is the perfect spreader for the medium segment of farms
  • RotaFlow spreading system
  • FlowPilot for quick and easy adjustment
  • Easy border spreader systems
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Kubota DSX Series 1500- 3900 Litre SpreaderKubota

DSX Series 1500- 3900 Litre

  • Easy setting and adjustment can be done with the FlowPilot on each spreading disc;
  • Spread 12m-54m
  • Empty Weight 500kg-605kg
  • PTO overload clutch; 1500L - 3900L Hopper capacity
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