Kubota DZ30 6-Way Dozer BladeKubota

6-Way Dozer Blade (Skid Steer)

  • 84" width or 96" width available
  • Moldboard with boxed bracing
  • Reversible cutting edge- 3 piece design
  • Welded cylinders
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Kubota Angle BroomKubota

Angle Broom (Skid Steer)

  • Available in 72" and 84" widths
  • Hydraulic range : 12-30 gpm
  • Brush speed: 100-230 rpm
  • 32" Brush diameter
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Kubota SA35 Skid Auger DriveKubota

Auger Drive (Skid Steer)

  • 15-30 gpm
  • Planetary gearbox
  • 9" to 36" Auger
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Kubota Cold Planer / Profiler (Skid Steer)Kubota

Cold Planer / Profiler (Skid Steer)

  • Independent RH/LH skid shoe control
  • Controls integrated into SSV/SVL mulifunction grips
  • Removable carbide
  • 3 hydraulic line set-up (pressure, return & case drain)
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Kubota Grader (Skid Steer)Kubota

Grader (Skid Steer)

  • Available in 72"& 84" widths
  • Ripper teeth as standard
  • Bi-directional blades; Adjustable cutting angles
  • Replaceable Skid Shoes
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Kubota Hopper Broom (Skid Steer)Kubota

Hopper Broom (Skid Steer)

  • Suitable for high flow machines
  • Modular broom w/ individually replaceable wafers
  • Choice of poly or steel wafers
  • Large 26" (660mm) broom dia for high performance
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Kubota Lifting Boom (Skid Steer)Kubota

Lifting Boom (Skid Steer)

  • Flat front design
  • Two Lifting lugs 1" (25.4mm)
  • Chain slots in side plate
  • SSV/SVL compliance lable included
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Kubota Pallet Forks (Skid Steer)Kubota

Pallet Forks (Skid Steer)

  • Intergrated side step
  • Removable top centre bracket for easier cab access
  • Tall rear guard
  • High rated capacity
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Kubota Power Rake (Skid Steer)Kubota

Power Rake (Skid Steer)

  • 72": 12-19 gpm/90" : 15-23 gpm
  • Rigid or Float Option
  • Manual or Hydraulic Option
  • Cast Chain Housing
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Primary SeederKubota

Primary Seeder (Skid Steer)

  • Heavy weight helps seed to soil contact
  • Bi-directional (seed in forward or reverse)
  • Pressure gauge
  • Lift hooks
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Kubota SC2560 Skid Steer Cutter (Slasher)Kubota

SC2560 Skid Steer Cutter (Slasher)

  • Front & rear chain guards
  • Center mount w/ offset hitch option allows operator to offset 8-1/2" to the right to cut close to obstacles
  • Optional: Front gauge wheel (provides easy operation and handling over uneven terrain)
  • Optional: Replaceable Skid Shoes
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Kubota SC40 Skid Steer Cutter (Slasher)Kubota

SC40 Skid Steer Cutter (Slasher)

  • Available in both 60" & 72" widths
  • Bi-directional blade rotation
  • Front & rear chain guards
  • Tapered full length skid shoes (Replaceable)
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Kubota SC70 Skid Steer SlasherKubota

SC70 Skid Steer Cutter (Slasher)

  • Bi-folding door
  • Beveled skid shoes on wings (Replaceable)
  • Front & rear chain guards
  • Carbide Teeth
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Kubota TR TrencherKubota

Trencher (Skid Steer)

  • Available in 48" or 60" sizes
  • 15-24 gpm and 25-40 gpm motor options
  • Adjustable auger
  • Manual or hydraulic side shift
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