Lawn mower maintenance is essential to keeping it in good working order - whether it's mowing season or not.

Yes, even some of the best machinery can break down and will require some work done. Here’s your simple guide on how to service a lawn mower - what issues to look out for and when to intervene. 

Know the warning signs

There are a bunch of reasons why it's important to do routine maintenance on your lawn mower. You might notice a long-term decline inefficiency - or something more urgent like some black fumes coming from the motor - either way knowing when to intervene is always the first step. 

Here are some issues to watch out for next time you’re mowing your lawn:


You’ll notice this issue pretty quickly. As you mow the lawn - streaks become visible between the sections mowed. This can be frustrating as nothing you do to change how you are mowing will stop the streaks. If you’re moving a large section of grass this can become an issue as your lawn will look more like a ploughed field than a lawn.

Reduced cutting efficiency 

Starting to notice your blades aren’t up to scratch? This could be due to several reasons like overuse, or failure to collect rocks and stones from the grass before mowing resting in damaged blades. This issue will manifest slowly over time and can easily reduce your ability to cut your lawn effectively. 


Rust is never a welcome sign - anywhere on your mower. Any signs of rust should be automatically looked at and dealt with before it takes over and causes potential damage to the exterior or worse the interior pulleys which the system relies on to cut. 

Large amounts of fumes 

Abnormal amounts of fumes are always a warning sign and could indicate something serious is wrong with your motor. It’s worth getting this checked out as soon as possible. 

Difficulty starting up 

Sometimes you might notice the mower has trouble engaging the engine. This could be an issue with the spark plug wire and should be checked out to make sure everything is connected up.

How To Service A Lawn Mower 

Wondering how to get started? What to check up on? Here are some of the basics:

Check your oil

You should always maintain a healthy oil level when you mow your lawn - even if it's a small job, it's good to make sure you're running a healthy engine.

An oil change at least every year is essential to ensure your engine runs smoothly. If you’re not sure how to go about this, give our team here at Boya Equip a call and we can offer our assistance.

Check the lawn mower's air filter

The air filter is often overlooked throughout a mower’s lifetime. This can result in issues when it’s not cleaned or replaced in good time. If you notice it’s very dirty - make sure you clean it or look into a replacement. 

Inspect your mower blades and deck

The lawnmower blades and mower deck are two of the most important things to check up on before and after mowing. This is where all the action takes place. Giving them a solid clean after a day’s mowing is always an essential task to keep your mower running. 

Tyre pressure 

Low tyre pressure can be detrimental to your lawn -as it can cause your deck to mow unevenly or cause the tyre to work its way off the rim, severely damaging your axle. Always check your tyres are in good nick before heading off. 

When should you service your mower?

You should service your mower when you notice something is not right - like any of the above warning signs. You can also schedule your mower for a service (professional or DIY) by setting up a service calendar. You should find a pre-arranged service schedule in the owner's manual, which can serve as a rough guide or the exact timetable. That way you know you’ve kept a rigorous servicing schedule which can raise the resale value if you choose to upgrade or sell in the future. 

How often should you service your mower?

It’s a question many contractors might ask themselves after a few months of mowing. Depending on how often you use your mower - your servicing needs will vary. Generally, it’s a good idea to service your mower at least once a year - or at least every 100 hours - whatever comes sooner. 

Tips on how to service a lawnmower

Keeping your mower in good working order relies on some know-how and tricks to keep everything running smoothly. Here are some tips on how to service your mower on a regular basis:

  • Clean your deck after use: it’s a good idea to brush off any grass clippings and dirt still clinging to the underbelly of the mower and keep your blades free from obstructions. 
  • Ensure your lawn mower engine is well greased: Take a rag and some WD40 and get in to protect and loosen up the smaller parts within the engine. That way you can preserve the life of your engine. 
  • Store in a clean, dry place: storing your mower in a shed or garage away from moisture, and out of the way of flammable liquids or workstations is key.
  • Give your machine a once-over before starting up: spot anything wrong before you start mowing. This can help avoid potential hazards like taking out something caught in the deck or a loose part that might cause trouble down the track. 

Service your mower here at Boya Equip 

The best way to get your Kubota mower serviced by a professional is right here at Boya Equip. With a passionate team of experts on deck, we offer premium servicing and repairs for your Kubota mowers in Perth and equipment. If you know you won’t have the time or need a piece of equipment back up and running for a job - don’t hesitate to reach out to the team here. Just give us a call on 08 9302 2006 or email us at