If you follow the construction equipment industry, then you might be across recent trends in the rising popularity of certain brands and models. Although Kubota has long been known as a crowd-favourite, it is their ultra-compact excavator, the K008-3, that is starting to gain a lot of traction and rise in popularity. So, what is so special about this piece of construction equipment? The compact excavator is super spacious and super comfortable, yet still incredibly practical and functional too. Despite feeling incredibly roomy from the operator’s perspective, the K008-3 still manages to squeeze into the tightest of spaces. When it comes down to facilitating productivity, no other ultra-compact excavator can match the K008-3. The equipment piece easily outperforms all competitors in each of the key areas, including reliability, performance, serviceability and comfort – making it a clear winner within the construction equipment category. 

Kubota’s environmentally friendly engines are not only sustainable but also dependable and powerful. All Kubota engines are recognised for their low noise, vibration levels, incredible fuel efficiency, forceful horsepower and unmatched performance. Furthermore, the engines even comply with the U.S. EPA’s 2008 Tier IV emissions regulations – a testament to its social responsibility of Kubota. 

Kubota E-TVCS engine is super dependable and efficient; the combustion created by our engine’s unique Three Vortex Combustion System reduces exhaust emission, noise, and vibration. Kubota’s brand-new coolant temperature gauge allows operators to effectively manage potential overheating engines. Located close to the control levers, a warning lamp light up when the coolant temperature rises to 115 degrees and turns off when it falls to 108 degrees or below.

The hydraulic hoses have been cleverly hidden within the boom and dipper arm, ensuring that they are securely protected. Because the cylinder lives on top of the boom, the K008-3 can boast an extended service life. Inside the dipper, you will find bucket hoses that are well protected from any potential damage. The auxiliary hoses remain protected by routing them through the boom.  Another clever feature of the K008-3 is that it no longer requires long hoses when connecting your implements, which means a lesser risk of snagging and causing damage. 

Each of the swing bracket pins has bushings, meaning you get a greater life span out of your components, as well as making it easier and quicker to carry out basic maintenance. The full-open bonnet and brand-new layout of the engine make regular inspections and maintenance quick and easy to tick off.  Both the open bonnet and engine layout provide you with incredibly easy access to the battery, coolant, fuel filter, radiator and dual-element air cleaner. 

Need to make up time? Step on the K008-3’s two-speed pedal and you’ll experience the true speed of the fastest compact excavator in the market. 

The K008-3 features an adjustable width track frame to enable you to move through narrow spaces such as doorways and gates, the adjustable width track frame can reduce the K008-3’s track width down to 700 mm by simply operating a single lever. In addition to this, changing the blade width is as simple as removing a pin – you can do it with one hand! Two-way lever Located within easy reach, it let you switch between control of the blade or the adjustable track width.

You’ll find yourself feeling very comfortable in the seat of the K00-3. That’s because Kubota has generously increased the space between the operator’s seat and the levers, as well as lengthening the floorboards. Not only that, but the seat itself is well-padded and specifically contoured so that you can feel relaxed and at ease even after a long hard day operating. 

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