Sick of hiring expensive professionals to do your lawn, golf course, or sports field? The allure of a Zero Turn mower is enough to turn the heads of property owners and contractors alike. 

But what are the top 10 Zero Turn mowers? Who makes them? And why should you look into buying one? 

We’ve taken a good look at what’s around; even tried a few. And if it’s not obvious why we’ve chosen to review the Kubota Zero Turn aka. “Z Series”, then this article is especially for you. 

Of all the Kubota Zero Turn mower reviews, you’ve chosen the right one to learn exactly why this range tramples all over its competition. Let’s get started. 

What makes the Kubota Zero Turn mower so special?

It’s a valid question. And the answer is simple. Like any good Zero Turn mower, the advantage for operators is the ability to have a turning radius of zero. This superb maneuverability is what makes this range (and others) so effective. And when you think of what a Zero Turn mower wants to achieve - perfectly smooth, and well-chopped grass, it comes down to a few key things right:

  1. Superior cutting performance 

  2. Greater efficiency and productivity 

  3. Comfort 

Mow anywhere capability 

With the ability to pivot like a pro basketball player, Zero Turn mowers, and in particular, the Kubota Z series have a unique advantage when it comes to finishing the job off well. Compare the Kubota Z200 series and the Toro Titan - a good match-up as both breeds aim to cover large acreage and boast many similar features. The Kubota, apart from having a slight edge in horsepower, also pulls off faster reverse speeds, making it far more convenient to manoeuvre. 

Kubota Z Series: Diversity at its best

The Kubota range has a unique advantage - its diversity. 

From a 19HP diesel engine to 32.5HP liquid-cooled 3-cylinder petrol engine with a high-performance transmission, Kubota’s formidable Z Series is all about delivering superior performance in any environment. But it's not just the engine that makes for a diverse range. With the Kubota Zero Turn technology, cut down on your mowing time with a diverse range of mowing deck sizes all the way up to a whopping 72-inch deck. 

Unparalleled productivity and efficiency 

When it comes to mowing large areas, efficiency counts more than ever. A clumsy ride can add unwanted hours to your job, so making sure you’re both fuel-efficient and agile is key. 

The Kubota Z Series brings fuel efficiency to the next level with improved airflow inside the mower deck, reducing clumping and preventing already cut grass from being cut again. Even the new clean-cut blades offer improved cutting efficiency, better load balance, and last longer between replacements. 

Operation of a Kubota Zero-Turn mower - how’s it compare?

Operating a mower isn’t just about mowing the lawn. It’s about everything else you do to prepare your machine, check fuel levels and plan and execute the job. Easy engine access makes those quick engine checkups simpler and more effective. Regular maintenance can be carried out faster with all the vital components including the gearbox case, oil filter, and mower belt, and conveniently located under a special maintenance hatch. 

What about on the green? Complete with a padded bucket suspension seat, the brings superior comfort to the longest of jobs. Kubota's Zero Turn range also includes a handy storage box and cup holder, and the mower's dashboard pulls together a package that blows the competition out of the water. 

How long do Kubota mowers last?

A lawn mower is a long-term investment in your business. Whether you’re a contractor, property owner, or maintenance specialist, having a mower that stands the test of time and hard work is critical. You’re probably wondering what makes the Kubota Z series worth its metal. 

In terms of durability, look no further than the Kubota diesel engine and transmission. With the original hydro-static transmission, Kubota has no belts to change and aside from the occasional fluid swap, there’s no need for maintenance at any point during its lifetime. 

So. Who makes the best Zero Turn mower?

In a competitive market, Kubota rises to the table with an A-class mower capable of tackling the long hard jobs with ease and flexibility that befits a zero-turn mower. But aside from ticking off the mere basics, the Kubota Z Series aims higher with state-of-the-art cutting systems, improved fuel efficiency, and superb levels of comfort. 

Where to get Kubota mowers in Perth

Here at Boya Equip, we stock and supply you with the entire range of Kubota products including Z Series residential and commercial mowers. Take advantage of Kubota's superior fuel consumption, performance, and comfort. Lose the push mower and give the team at Boya Equip a call today or visit our Kewdale HQ.